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Our story begins at the Canton Fair – Guangzhou, back in April 2015. Clinton was visiting China to attend the Canton Fair where he met Jiling at one of the lunch stalls.

Sourcing products in the Canton Fair can be great, but you don’t always get the best deals there Clinton discovered. Yiwuon the other hand is massive and you can get good deals there. However, communication is challenging and often the local vendors there cannot accept wire transfer payments.

After the Canton Fair, Clinton &Jiling found a good work synergy together and have since visited many suppliers, factories and forwarding agents together. The two have also attended many Canton Fairs, visited Yiwu, as well as visiting the electronic and beauty markets.

Through their own discovery, they found that a non-Chinese and local Chinese works extremely well when sourcing products together.

For Clinton, unless he learns to read, write and speak fluently in Chinese, it’s near impossible to find the suppliers that Jiling can find. For Jiling, once she introduces “the foreigner” to the suppliers, they almost immediately take you more seriously. This is because suppliers at times think that a local Chinese might just be wasting their time or trying to steal some ideas from them. However, introduce “the foreigner” who travelled all this way to do business with you, that’s when the magic happens.

Through experience, trial and sometimes errors, Clinton &Jiling have come up with their own formula for sourcing products called the E8 Formula.

Sourcing products for the duo first started out by helping a few friends. Since then they heard of or read many horror stories of innocent people trying to source products from China. Knowing what it takes to source products successfully from China, Clinton &Jiling decided to do something to help those in need. That is when E8 Sourcing was born.

Our mission is to help e-commerce sellers reach new heights in their business by being their local China sourcing partner. As ZigZiglar said; "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."
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