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Who are some of your Clients?

We are working with clients who are selling their products before , and now we want to change the supplier/s that can offer more competitive price.

How do you charge?

We make a very small markup on the products from the suppliers. we work hand in hand with them to ensure orders are completed successfully and the whole process runs smoothly.

What is your business model?

Our model involves finding suppliers who would be very difficult for none native chinese people to find, who offer really great quality products( usually to the china domestic market) at really great prices.

How to start sourcing?

The best way for us to send us more information about what you're looking for. Picture, Amazon web links or Similar. The more specific details we have about what you're looking for, the better we're able to assist.

Do you d private label?

Yes,we offer private label
service. You can deside and
sent us the layout

How long it takes to Shipping?

We offer different type of
shipping ways.
Shipping time depends on which
way you choose to ship your
products. We will tell you
the time according to what you choose.

How to pay You?

Bank wire, Zelle, Credit Card
paypal are accepted

Others Questions?
Feel free to
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Do you give me the details of factory?

It depends, most of time we do not provide details of the factory to clients. We operate as mix between a sourcing and a trading company. We do this for convenience to our clients, you only need to pay us, you only need to ever deal with us and we take care of everything else for you. For those that do not like this model, we can be hired to only find a factory and pass the details, or only do the quality check, only the logistics or any singular part of our E8 system like background reports onfactories.

How does E8 Sourcing profit?

When sourcing products, we either get a commission from the factory or we add a small mark-up to the product being sourced. For us to stay in business, we of course must make a profit as well. However, we do a lot for what we offer, especially in doing background checks on each factory we deal with and background checks on the owners of the factories. This is only part of the value we add, but a big part. Another part of the value we add is by doing free quality sampling checks for VIP clients. We strive for continuous improvement in our business long after we’ve delivered products to clients.We continue to search for new factories, related products and other ways for how we can improve.

Why choose E8 Sourcing over other business?

We focus on the few and not the many. What we mean is that SOON we’ll be closing our doors to new clients and focusing our attention on a small select client base. The only way to get into our system in the future will be by recommendation from a current VIP client.

Our focus will be on helping clients grow their e-commerce business. For this we will look after your interest and be willing to get onto calls with you to help not only with product selection but also with marketing. Being in the position we are, we see what’s working and what’s not working. We’d love to share these secrets with clients who become like family to us.

Over and above that, we are a team consisting of local Chinese and “foreigner” to China. This duo team effort works very well when sourcing products from China. If you’ve been referred from a mutual contact it would most likely be because whoever referred you is really happy with our service. If you haven’t been referred by anyone, know that once you become our client, we have your back! You are under our care and protection, just like we would care and protect our families.

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