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    What is E8 Sourcing and How is it Relevant to Your Business?

    We are a product sourcing company based in China and developed our own method called the E8 Sourcing Method to help source products quickly and efficiently.

    Our model involves finding suppliers who would be very difficult for none native Chinese people to find. These suppliers usually don't have any staff speaking English and cannot accept foreign payments. However, they offer really great quality products (usually to the China domestic market) at really great prices. Often these are better deals than what someone could source by themselves using foreign friendly web services.

    Buying From China Has Never Been Easier, Quicker & Safer Than Before


    We take your privacy very seriously. We will not share your product or details of your business with other individuals. We also do not look for your ideas to sell on Amazon or other e-commerce websites ourselves. We treat you, your products and business as if it’s our own, because your success is our success. We would love to have you as a repeat client, and we only make money if you keep coming back.


    Ordering from China can be a very daunting task. From negotiating with suppliers, to paying them, and having to deal with shipping and custom clearance. So many things could go wrong at any stage of your procurement endeavours. Allow us to help you and take the weight off your shoulders. Our team will support you with your orders from start to finish in a speedy and professional manner.


    Very few sourcing companies in China, if any will have all the payment solutions we do. Depending on your order size and products, we can accept wire transfers, Zelle (if you’re from the US), PayPal, credit cards and we may even accept Bitcoin. Not all payment solutions are available for all orders, please check with us prior to ordering to discuss the best solution for you.

    Client's Feedback

    Clinton and his team at E8 Sourcing have been invaluable to my efforts importing from China. They've helped find suppliers that are not listed in most of the major online directories people use to secure product. They've also been great with quality control and getting replacement product reproduced quickly. Multiple shipping options and the pros and cons of each method have also helped my bottom line. His team is very responsive and I feel they have my best interest in mind. I'm looking forward to a longterm working relationship. Thanks again.
    Jiling helped me with my product concept by creating a 3D digital rendered image. When I showed it to people they were so amazed and thought it’s a photo of my real product. After the 3D digital version they produced a real life working prototype by finding a factory for me. This was great for me because it gave me the opportunity to see how well my ideas worked as well as iron out a few things before going to production. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking at sourcing from China.
    It's easy to be scammed from China, even if you have years of experience in sourcing products. Clinton & Jiling provide an invaluable service for anyone looking to save time, money and most of all have peace of mind. Go ahead and ask them to give you a quote, I'm sure you'll be happy you found them.

    E8 Sourcing Method

    Examine your products requirements and see if we’re a fit to do business together.
    Evaluate suppliers for quality, price and timeline.
    Exclude blacklisted and suppliers who are not a match to your needs.
    Experiment with different samples received to see which is the best suited.
    Engineer your products according to specification, price and timeline.
    Eliminate any defective products before shipping by doing quality checks.
    Execute best way for shipping goods and handling custom clearance.
    Ensure client satisfaction after products are received.

    We Are Ready To Take Care Of Your Sourcing Needs

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